Monday, April 25, 2005

Padres Dazed and Pressing

Swept by Az.

Well, the Snakes look a little better then advertised and maybe the UT is right, the Pads are not a good as advertised.

Look, I'm a big believer in armchair sports psychology and I can see the middle three guys are pressing.

First off, all three are beyond their peaks, on the down side or maybe level. When that happens to an established major league player, they press because the expectations are so great and the consequences of failing so heavy

Nevin, Klesko, and Giles were never super great to begin with, strong, established major leaguers, but not great, and now they are struggling, partly because Petco is forcing them to adjust to line drive hitting. (Is there a single Padre going to the Hall, no?).

To me, the bright spot of the season is the pitching (forget Lawrence on Sun). We got four guys that can go and a decent bully.

The fifth spot is trouble. They should give that guy one more start then ship him. Derek May may be the answer. Your number five doesn't have to be great, just go enough to make 6 innings giving up less then five runs.

It’s a long season folks and it looks like the pads are going to struggle there way through.
We shall see, we shall see. Remember Padre Mike's rule. No judgments until June, unless you on the radio, then Hack away…..

Tonight, the Gay Ants. Should be fun. Great place to play.

Padre Mike


At April 25, 2005 1:46 PM, Blogger Padre Mike said...

Hey, like the new blog. Bog pads fan. hope they start playing better.


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