Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Big Week

Wow, been a way a while and a lot of stuff happened.
  • Loretta out for a long time with surgery
  • Nevin trade rumors that ain't true…heh
  • Won eight in a row…then dropped two
  • Third to first, and back to second by half game

I like tonight's game because even in May, the boys are playing for something…first place.

Eaton has been strong, (6-1) but may also be lucky.

I remember that the Snakes swept us earlier this year, so there is a wee bit o payback in this series too.

Looks like the West is for the taking and the Padres and Snakes are the potential takers.

Also, mark you calendars for next Wednesday. That is June 1st, the day we get to make predictions and judge this Padre team. Hmmm. This week should tell us a lot.

Are we a good team that got off to a slow start but now are going to maintain a presence in the NL West?

Or, are we a streaky team that surges for a week or two, then returns to 500?

At this point, I think we are a surging team because as Padre hitters go, so goes the team. This is true for most teams, but the Pads have some streaky hitters, Nevin/Giles, so when they go cold, so does the team.

Should be a good series starting tonight @ 6:40.

Padre Mike


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