Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Good Win, First Again

Grip Time
Oh, by the way, we won, but you, dear Padre fan, knew that already. Back in first.

And back to my grip.

Brian Giles, god love em, is stupid. That is the only conclusion I can think of as to why he would swing at the first pitch (ducks on the pond) from Sealy when Sealy was throwing more balls then Dan Fouts during a Raiders game.

Got to be a brain power thing. All aggression, no thinking. I hope he's not juiced.

Can't argue with results, certainly, but there is going to come a time when that "be aggressive at the plate" crap grounds you out of a run scoring inning in the playoffs. Moneyball, Brian, moneyball.

More Standings Hoopla
Hey, you know my love of the standings. Well. CNN/SI has an extended standings that even more fun. Its here.

Padres Extended Standings, May 25 2004:

W L Pct Home Road Day Night Grass Turf 1-run X-inn East Central West AL Last10 Strk
27 18 .600 16-4 11-14 7-9 20-9 24-14 0-0 12-3 4-1 6-0 9-5 11-11 1-2 8-2 Won 1

Look at 1-run games (12-3), that means a nasty closer
Home record, best in baseball, so much for whining about Petco Park
Extra inning games are nice to (4-1)
We are killing the East and Central, but only .500 against the West, hmmmmm
And thank God, no turf games. Can you believe we used to play on that stuff.

More Standings Info
On May 25, 1998, the Padres were 31 20 - .608
Or with 44 games complete in 98 (same as yesterday) , the Padres were 29 15 - .659
So in 98, we were a little ahead of where we are now. Interesting stuff.

BTW, these numbers came from Great site.

Snakes again tonight, but a bit earlier. 6:15, I think

Go Padres!

Padre Mike


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