Sunday, May 22, 2005

Well, First Series Loss

Well, its the first series loss in a while which is tough. I remember the Padres in 98 and we won nearly every series at home and a lot on the road. It was a remarkable run actually.

Losing the series to the Ms isn't so bad, but all Padres fans have a feeling in the pit of their stomachs that maybe our 8 in a row was a fluck and we are headed back to the middle of the pack. Could happen. But then is when you see what a team in made of. This is when you see leaders emerge like Giles after the first three terrible weeks of the season.

Who will it be. Jackson, Blum, Klesko, any would do.

We are also playing out unlikely revivals this season, the Snakes at Bank One, or whatever it is called these days. By vitual of today's loss, we are a half game behind the Snales in the West, so these games will be important.

BAck in town tomorrow. Hope the weather is nice, hah, of course it will be.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike


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