Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Will be a Nice Plane Ride

Not me, although I'm about to take a flight to NYC…but the Padres on the ride back to SD.

Nothing makes for a happy plane like going 5 and 2 on a road trip that had four in Bird town. Nothing makes for a happy plane like a win for the rookie pitcher, 16 hits, no errors, a 5-hit game for Loretta, a 3 run jack for Klesko, and a 2-7 victory for the Pads on getaway day. Bochy also got his 800th win as the Pad skip, nice.

On top of all that, tomorrow is a day off…happy indeed.

Marlins are coming to town, though. Its my theory that there is one team each season you beat on for no good reason and one team that beats on you. This season's candidates for beating the Padres mercilessly are the Dodgers and quite possibly the Marlins. Of course, we saw the Padres beat on the birds so they may be our doormat this year, we'll see.

The fish, however, scare me. Young and feisty, pitching, pitching, pitching. Lets hope the long flight makes eh tired.

Good win, great roady, see you all from NYC.

Padre Mike

PS, had a fun time posting on Ducksnort during the game through the comments feature.

Trivia fans: How many Padre pitchers got their first win and first hit in their major league debut?

I don't know, look it up. Heh.


At May 11, 2005 2:04 PM, Blogger LynchMob said...

Enjoy your comments here and @ Ducksnorts ... what a day today is for Padres' fans!


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