Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Wish it Were June

God, I wish it were June because then I could make an assessment of the Pads. I could say this team looks and feels like a contender, not just for the wildcard but for the division. I might say they are playing as a team and getting good performances from the big guns as well as the wood riders and that is the mark of a good team.

I might even say something crazy like 1998.

But its not June yet, so I'm keeping my big mouth shut.

Pssst... Last nights win over Atlanta in another come-from-behind-in-the-eighth victory reminds me of 98, but we can't make any predictions yet. Not til June.

Padre Mike's rule: can't accurately assess a team until June 1st. Why? Its a long season.

Stay with me folks, I got every cliche in the Big Book of Baseball Cliches. Every sports writer, amateur or hardened pro, has one of these.

Got home from a late night on the town in NYC, opened Gameday and the Pads were rallying, and I had that feeling we might win again.

Woke up this morning and they did win and are in first place, well technically we are tied for first place with the snakes, but the local paper, the UT, has the Pads in first poistion even though we have identical records. Like the home cookin.

CNN/SI has Pads listed second; whats the deal there? Do they go alphabetically? Snakes, Padres, shouldn't we be on top?

Love our home record too...14 and 4...best in the majors....Atl is 13-5 at home and 10-10 on the road so the boys still have work to do tonight, but I guarantee, even though you will hear "its a long season, we don't get too high or low," they are feeling it too.

What fun. Go Padres!

Padre Mike on the Road.


At May 17, 2005 6:26 PM, Blogger Dex said...

Go ahead and make the prediction! Knock on wood while you do it, but it's OK to get psyched. We, as Padres fans, need to shake the habit of saying to ourselves that they'll just end up fading. Positivity! That's what this team needs!

Look at it this way. If they continue on their tear, we were on the wagon before everybody else. If they end up fading, then at least you made the most of it while they're awesome.


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