Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Padres win a Strange One

What happens when you have a third string catcher behind the plate? Two passed balls (or wild pitches, whatever) and three runs. strange.

Day game today, so I'll keep it short.

BLaw pitches another gem with 7+ scoreless innings.

Middle of the lineup finally came through.

Didn't see much of the game; wife got the TV and the Usual Suspects was on IFC. Good movie even though I've seen it ten times.

I usually have the game on in the garage and the bedroom, and the TV in the livingroom if Ms Padre Mike isn't watching. That way, I can be anywhere and keep up. If there is a big play, I run to the TV to catch the replay.

My basic theory is that watching a baseball game on TV is a large waste of time. Better to listen on radio and get some work done.

Go Padres! Beat smellLA, Beat smellLA.

Padre Mike

1. Weekday day game means I'll have to watch it via Gameday. Its very cool. Wonder how long before MLB starts charging?
2. Ms. Padre Mike was wondering why Matt Vascursin was yelling with excitement when the Dog Bones scored three in the eighth. She thought he was a Dog Bone announcer (Kaiser Sase had left the building). "No, that sour guy and he's not that good," I said.
3. Sometimes I think Ted Lightner is too much of a homer/whiner. Its like he can't take it when games are close. He wants 162 blowouts. Better get that BP checked, Uncle Ted.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Win Some, Lose Some

Playing catch-up on the last couple a games.

I have a few other blogs that take my time, one being a political blog and the politics of Iraq are heating up. Check it out here.

Nice to see the far bench coming through and winning games, re Sunday. Nice work Nady and Jackson.

Monday, on the other hand, the boys looked tired. Hey, could be the traffic. They hit nicely, and our boy Nady jacked another one, but rookie pitcher Stauffer didn't pitch well and made the lowly Dogbone offense look like the '32 Yankees, or was that the '26 Yankees.

But, Pads are still in first by three games. It'll be nice to have E, H, N, and L back for the second half. Still in first with a fifth of the team on the DL, not bad.

Now onto more important things. Since nobody asked, I'm gonna give you my list of the five things I hate in sports.

(I realize nobody reads my blog and who can blame them. Ducksnort and the other guys are pretty good. But I'll keep practicing, and if I can stick with it for a season or two with decent stuff, then I might seek more readers.)


The list:
1. Millionaire ballplayers whining about O bleak muscle strains. I know, I know, it probably hurts like hell when you take a dump but at least put a bandage on the thing, er, where ever it is. Remember Junior Seau, left arm dangling useless from a stringer, caked in mud and guts, out there anyway, waiting to pop some the running back who comes his way. OTOH, Nevin is hanging in dugout talking as if nothing is wrong. Christ, wrap a bandage around your O bleak muscle Phil, and put a little catsup on it; make it look like your hurt. Bunch o sissies.

2. Fighting in hockey. Well, this one is for the old timers who remember the sport of hockey. For you young ones, that was a sport played on ice skates, I kid you not, with sticks they used to whack a puck thingy into a nets. Hockey referees used to let the players fight and they all had missing teeth. They weren't sissies like ball players, but they were ugly. But that game is a part of history now, so my gripe is moot.

3. Basketball-of any kind. Could never play it, don't understand it, don't like the NBA, college is WAY over hyped, and plus its indoors. Best friend plays and loves it. He's good too. Got a great jump shot. But not me, all thumbs, so I hate it. Nice, mature response, no?

4. Baseball highlights- all the frigging same for 180 days plus playoffs. Guy gets a hit, a homer, or the pitcher strikes out a guy looking. Boring. Remember the old days when Cookie Chainsaw would just rattle off scores like this: (insert team name) beats....defeat...upsets...upends....BBQs...kills....murders...narrowly squeezes by...sneaks by...pulverizes...demolishes...drowns out...destroys...fries...keesters....(insert another team name). That is all you need. the scores.

5. Golf. Do these guys live in the real world? I realize hitting that while ball long distances into a little hole is tough. I gave up the game long ago, but these guys don't live in the real world. They fly into SD on their private jets, take their free rental cars to the free hotel suites at the Torrey Pines Hilton, spend fours days at a gussied-up county club on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, play a few rounds, dine (for free) at the finest places in town (Donavan's), play a few more rounds, collect a big check on Sunday for finishing 24th, fly back home to their mansion, repeat. Just once, I'd like to see a golf tournament in TJ, near the dump, so these guys could get a whiff of real life. Or maybe Tiger would like to come over to my Clairemont apartment sometime for a silver bullet and some tube time. Better leave the Rolls at home, Tiger. This hood can be tough.

Pads and Dogs again tonight.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Going to be hard to take Nady out of the lineup after hitting four homers in three days.

2. Sean, Sean, Sean...relax...use the force, go the other way, which is what you do best. Don't listen to anybody else. No one complains that Itchiro goes the other way. Hit for average. Its OK. ---the Spirit of TGwynn.

3. Dog Bone stadium is still a classy and classic ballpark. I'm so glad they haven't renamed it with something like Sony/Paramount Pictures Park or MGM field. Place still have some baseball class.

4. What I wouldn't do to listen to Vin call a game or two. Fourteen coat hangers strung together with foil? Stand on the roof with my transistor radio and beach chair. Now he is a class act.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Smack down

Hope we can make it until Nevin, Hernandez, Lorretta, Eaton return. That was a humiliating smack down. Three triples in a row, ouch.

Days another chance.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Always like the Mariners, cool team with a cool park.
2. Itchero is a nice hitting. If could have just one guy on our team who can handle the bat like that. Wonder what his tennis game is like?
3. Oh yes, the one Padre who could handle the bat was in the booth last night.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Frustrating Damned Game

Gees, how many guys are we gonna leave on base?

In the last seven days, SD is batting .269 with base loaded
For the year we are .264 with runners on, 23rd in the league and .261 with runners in scoring position, 21st in the league. Piss poor if you ask me.

In other words, we are not doing jack with ducks in the pond. Greene has become a dark hole at number 7 and Jackson isn't much better at 8.

But we are in first still so what am I complaining about? Donno, just feel grumpy today.
Day game today and it should be nice an sunny downtown. Aha, I grumpy because I'm here at the office, not at the game.

Well, for all you office workers out there with internet access, go to and click on Gameday. Its cool.

Go Padres, and pretty please, with sugar on top, hit the fricking ball.

Padre Mike

1. Stanton looks like a little kid out there but he goes after the hitters.
2. Give the dogbones credit, they just ended an 8 game slid.
3. Bonds to return after the All-Star break. Talk about who cares...maybe Gay Ant fan, but the guys a cheater.
4. Greene looks helpless at the plate, like a robot automatically swinging and missing the curve ball. He needs to play pepper with the ball, make contact. He did have an RBI yesterday.
5. Surprised Bochy put in the kids just up from double A in the eighth with bases loaded down by a run. Miguel has a better chance at making contact. Maybe is was lefty on righty, not sure. But I did like the kid's swing. Liner to second base. At least he didn't hit into the DP.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Padres Win Despite Injuries

Phil Nevin, Adam Eaton, Carlos Hernandez may go on the DL here soon. Ouch, that hurts.

BTW, nice win yesterday for Woody. Is it me or does Hoffman look shaky?

Dodgers Pathetic

The Dodgers are pathetic. My god there was a time when the Dogbones were an elite team, now they look like the Royals with pitching. A team of nobodies. The franchise has gone down hill fast. Even last year's playoff appearance was a waste.

Remember when the Dogbones where owned by the O'Malley family and players had to wear slacks and a collared shirt while traveling on the road. Tommy Lasorda was the coach.

Who can forget Orel Hirchiser (I can hear Cookie Chainsaw saying it now, Orel Hirch.................................................................................iezer) and Kirk Gibson.

Teams have their ups and downs and its been a long down for the Dodgers.

I've never been a Dodger hater, mainly because the Pads tended to win against the dogbones over the years. But now I feel almost sorry for them.

Still Not Hitting

Luckily we are playing the hapless dogbones because we are still not hitting. Last night we left 13 runners on base. Klesko was completely worthless against Lowe as he had been all year.

Thirteen runners on is nice, now lets string a few together.

Go Padres, don't let up an inch on the Dodgers.

Padre Mike

1. Petco is a funny looking park. Have not been yet, but walked around a bunch during Jury Duty. Who designed that park anyway? Its very....ordinary.
2. Hey Lowe, nice pucca shells. I had the same kind when I was in eighth grade.
3. Fick, who is this kid? Anyway, whoever you are kid, thanks for carrying the entire damned offense on your back for the month of June.
4. Nevin, obleak muscle. What is dis obleak muscle (activate Russian accent)?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Beat LA Beat LA

Thanks to Jake the Snake, we did beat LA in a tight game in which both Penny and Peavy pitched lights out. The pads came out on top with a single run in the fifth.

The crowd, a large one apparently, was really into it chanting beat LA, beat LA. I think what they really meant was beat back LA and thank god for Camp Pendleton.

Once again, we didn't hit much, or rather every forth batter got a hit, which doesn't score many runs.

ESPN led off with the Jake Peavy story. They really love the guy, like Greene last year. And Penny, who pitched a pretty good game himself, got no love at all.

And I could rant and rant about Phil, but I won't. His 0 for 4 was typical (trying to pull the power pitcher so he could feel the glory one more time) and his big error at first was ugly, but we won the game so why harp on the guy.

Lets see now, who needs Phil Nevin? I'm sure Kevin Towers has a list of teams, right? Maybe one or the American League, who could use his skills? Maybe the Dodgers. They need hitting.

Go Padres, beat LA!

Padre Mike

1. Why is Fick catching? Where is Miguel?
2. How come the newspapers always uses the word "escaped" and Trevor Hoffmen in the same article?
3. Greene (I use his last name because I can't spell his first) is struggling like a second-year guy. I guess we have to be patient.
4. TGwynn in the booth last night on channel 4. My wife said he had a nice voice and liked the way he explained things.
5. Gwynn had high praise for Giles whose opposite field hits gave the Pads their only run. Hey Phil, power pitcher, opposite field, ring any bells?

Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy Padres day

Nice couple of wins for the boys to end a terrible skid and set the Padres on the winning track for the big time Dogbone matchup starting today at Petco.

Important games to say the least. Three and a half back could be half a game up if the Padres continue to hit like the over eighty doubles club at my local tennis court.

The Irrational Fan
As a fan, I get to be high when we are winning and grumpy as all get out when we lose. In other words, I get to be irrational.

And now I'm going to be irrational about Phil Nevin. Bases loaded, the pitcher just walked two guys. No outs. Phil steps up and what does he do?


Hmmmm, lets see. Does he wait for the stuggling pitcher to throw a strike? No. Does he work the count of the struggling pitcher waiting for a pitch he can drive and pick up some runs? No. Does he pick his nose and scratch is butt, probably would have been preferable.


He First Pitch Hacks...a dribbler out infront of the plate. The Twin catcher merely picks up the result of Phil's mighty swing and steps on homeplate. One out, bases still loaded but...the pitcher now has a little hope. Double play is in order, and the pressure is lessened a bit. The next batter hits into the DP. Thought Jerry Coleman was going to keel over right then and there.

Any other approach to hitting in that situation would have resulted in a better outcome then a FPH.

And Phil, don't slam your bat to the ground, then return to the dugout and kick the water cooler like you got ripped off. That is BS. You took the worst possible approach with the least odds of success, all so you might get your homerun rocks off. For the money you are making, you MUST perform better then that. Think about the team once in a while, a Phil.

Stupidest at bat of the year I would say.

I'm officially on the Trade Phil Nevin band wagon after that performance. The Padres went on to win the game, but that at bat clearly indicated the Phil has got to go. He can still hit and is decent in the field, but he's more trouble then he is worth. Reminds me of Jack Clark. Remember him?

Trade Phil, put Klesko back at first and Nady in left and see what happens. Another month or so to the trading deadline. Come on Kevin...dump this guy.

Hopefully, there is a team out there that would like an aging, grumpy ballplayer with a large contract who can hit decently and field OK, but ofter brain farts with runners in scoring position.

Crap. Oh well, maybe a team in the American league.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Had a nice Father's Day. Got some good gifts. Luckily, we in Socal don't wear ties too often.
2. May was a man yesterday stacking up against the Amer League Cy Young award winner Santana. That young man may turn out to be something.
3. Dodgers are clearly not the same team that swept us in LA and SD early in the season. They are not even playing 500 ball. It would be sweet revenge to take the hammer to them.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Good News, Bad News, and Yoga?

We know the bad news. Padres can't hit (hell, they can't win either). And now they are getting desperate, swinging at first pitches, attempted bunts, changing their stances. The more losing, the worse it gets. Next thing we'll see lefties batting right and vis versa.

Reminds me of the scene in Major League with the slugger is performing voodoo magic on his bat...heh.

And the good news, you ask? Well, the NL can't win either and the Padres are still in first by a game or so. Dave Roberts is back and hitting home runs too.

Hummm, that's about it for good news.

Had my first yoga class yesterday and while I was bent in some pretzel position getting in touch with my inner self, something occurred to me. To start winning again, the Padres need to let go and relax.

I realize hardened baseball types are snickering, but bare with me.

We all know baseball is the one game you can't get jacked up for. You have to play at an even level. Push to hard and you slump. Apply too much pressure, and you tank. Its a game best played with a relaxed intensity. Not too high or too low.

So, that is my yoga advice (listen to me, one yoga class and I'm giving advice) to the Padres. Relax and play ball. Breath a little. Play in the spirit of the game as you did in Little League. Remember? Have fun out there. Forget the standings or the slumps or the pressure from fans. Un-block the inner ball player that brought to the Major Leagues, and let that energy flow into your game.

Well, I'm sure Greene would agree with me, anyway.

I hear you, snicker snicker. But there is something to this stuff, especially in baseball.

Relaxed intensity, either that or an all team slump buster. Minnesota is probably a good place for that...snark.

Relax Padre hitters, be the ball, use the force, breath, have fun. Its a game you love, right?

Padre Mike


1. Eaton hurt his flexor muscle? What is des flexor muscle (insert Russian accent)?
2. Actually, yoga was pretty cool. Not as easy as like looks and the lady instructor was very well toned, all from yoga.
3. First Astroturf game, yuck. Come on Minn, get a real ballpark.
4. I heard Minn is playing very well. They have always been the little team that could.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ah, the Collapse

That was pretty awful. Eaton, obviously collapsing under the pressure of being one of the NLs best this year went back to the old Eaton.

The Padres collapsing under the pressure of first place and high expectations.

Fans like me thinking it was too good to be true.

Comparisons to 98, 96, and 84.

Well, the good thing about abject failure is you know where you stand. The Padres have no illusions now. Niether do, and frankly, I feel better.

Baseball does that to you, rewards the real teams, pushes the pretenders aside, ignores the nobody teams. 162 games is enough to figure out who is who.

I starting to believe the Padres are pretenders.

Oh well, Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Its tough blogging when they lose. That is why I respect Ducksnort. He has been doing blogging Padres for a lot of years and through some trying times.
2. Credit Daryl May for saving the bullpen with five innings of relief.
3. Nothing agianst the Flan Man, but Jerry and Teddy just work together better. If they give Flan a few years, he will get better.

Pessimism Sets In

We are headed back to .500 I can feel it. Been a Padre fan a long time I see it coming, like heart break. You know it when you see it.

The boys are struggling mightily and still not hitting. Our pitching is sagging under the weight of carrying a club that isn't hitting. And on a raining night in wonderful Detroit, Klesko can't catch a can of corn. Is see 500 just round the corner.

We are still in first place, but we have not moved beyond our current funk which tells me that the month of May was a hoax, intended to get us believing again, but that the current June Gloom is here to stay.

Detroit is a team we should beat, period.

We would have had a decent shot last night if we had not beat ourselves. In tennis, its called unforced errors. In football, its an interception or pass interference. In baseball, its dropping the third out for two runs in a tie game.

Nice work Klesko. If he wasn't swinging the bat, I'd say trade his ass.

But the beauty of baseball is that it could all turn round tonight. We got our stopper on the mound, Eaton.

So, pretty please, with sugar on top. hit the freakin ball.

"If I'm curt with you, it's because time is a factor here. I think fast, I talk fast, and I need you guys to act fast if you want to get out of this. So, pretty please, with sugar on top, clean the fucking car."
-the Wolf, Pulp Fiction

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sat Great, Sunday Sucks

Trevor, Trevor, Trevor.

Well, overall, we sucked against the best team in baseball.

Let me just say though, that ain't no American League team. That is a Yankee team, hitting, hitting, hitting. Singles doubles, maybe a home run.

Best team in baseball, yet Harolds Raines, a bench coach for the the WS interviewed on a pregame show, said this team owes it's success to pitching and defense, and that the hitting has not caught up yet.

Pads could learn a thing from this team. It ain't HRs that win games, its plate discipline, working the pitcher and hitting single and doubles that wins game.

Interesting that guys like Klesko and Nevin still have to learn this important lesson all over again.

The Yankees are the winningest team in baseball in the last ten years, yet do they have a big slugger, tell me, do they have a big slugger?


Padres are learning to play ball like an American League team, which is like a National League team, or the way the NL used to be.

OK, now I'm confused.

Monday off.

Tough homie.

Hopefully, Detriot won't be as tough as the WS.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

Things I think I think (sorry, Peter)

1. Didn't see hide nor hair of that game on Sat, apparrently, I missed a come from behind victory in bottom of the ninth.

2. Greene, two hits. Nice. But he still has weired hair.

3. Staufford pitched well Sat and BLaw is solid too. Once again, we pitched well enough to win.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Beware: RANT_ON

I guess there is a reason why the Chicago White Sox are the number 1 team in baseball.

I guess the is a reason the Cardinals are the number one team in the NL.

And a reason the Snakes and Dogbones are winning.

They Hit the friggin little white ball and score runs!

"Really, you mean you hit the baseball and then the next guys hits the baseball, then the next and you score runs? Hmmmm, being a Padre player, I had not heard that before. Very interesting."

I tired, tired of good pitching and no hitting. Tired of good bullpen work and no hitting. Tired of switching the line up card all around and no hitting. Tired of watching channel 4 with no hitting. Tired of writing this blog with no hitting.

If they had lost that game last night by 6-5, I would be happy today because they started hitting again.

But folks, the bats are still cold. Where have you gone Mr. Hit, we miss you so.

Tonight's another opportunity to try and hit the little white ball.

Padres, get a hit!

Padre Mike

1. Enjoyed commenting with other fans (presumably) over at Ducksnorts during the game
2. A Giles home run does not an offense make.

3. I like Boroughs, but it looks like trade rumors and batting lead off are too much pressure for the kid. Plays better when he can hide at the bottom of the line up.

4. Where in hades is Dave Roberts? We need him badly.

Friday, June 10, 2005

White Socks vs. the Blue Hats

Finally, a win, and the sun didn't even come out yesterday, but Eaton willed it and it happened.

RBI steak dinner at Donavans for Greene (probably doesn't eat steak) and Giles as well.

OTOH, three hits is not going to beat the Chicago White Sox.

Yes, the White Sox are coming to town. And with them, the MSSM, i.e. ESPN and the rest.

That makes this series a national test case. Are the Padres legit or is the NL West weak? Are the Blue Hats a player in the NL or have they been lucky?

If we fail the test, meaning lose badly, play badly, pitch badly and don't hit, then Monday Night Football will ignore us for another five years.

But if we pass the test, take the series and play good, solid ball, ESPN may move us up in the highlight rotation to say, 7th and give us some talking head time.

But forget all that. In SD, we don't care about the MSSM. We love our little corner of the Continent. We have the Mediterranean climate belt, more info, beaches, mountains and deserts, and a good little ball team. (Lets not talk about City Hall).

The White Sox are just another good club coming to town to play the grand old game.

If the Blue Hats show some plate discipline, get good pitching, and play error-free, we should win the series.

For a good rundown on the White Sox, go here: It’s a conversation between the Duck and a White Sox blogger.

The WS have a storied past. An original American League team besmirched by Shoeless Joe Jackson and others for throwing the 1919 World Series against big underdogs, the Reds. Read more about WH history here:.

Well, better get to work.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Why are the called the White Sox?
2. Three hits, three runs, efficient.
3. Hope the team is over the flu.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Frustrating Game

Peavy is cleary still recovering from the flu, or whatever its called. Apparently, Nevin is so sick he couldn't come to the ballpark.

Well, its 6-1 in the ninth and Padres bats are still ice cold. No Nevin, no Roberts, no Loretta and we can't score runs. Jeebus, its frustrating!

4 home runs, ouch, by the Cleveland Indians who are not that great offensively.

Today, our good luck pitcher goes, Eaton, but if the boys can't hit the ball, forget about it. You have to be able to plate at least one run to win the game.

Day game today. All you corporate office workers, catch the game on Gameday at

Get some hits Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Lead off triple and no runs to show, thats when you know the bats are ice.
2. Greene made some nice plays in the field to make up for his personally losing Monday's game for us. He still can't hit the curve.
3. Niether can I, but I'm not making a million to do so.
4. Would settle for a sweep, if only the bats would wake up because a real team is coming to town.
5. As the UT headline said, June Gloom.

Tough Loss

Not fun, not fun at all. Imagine being at the game. Green and Nevin, jeebus. Long ride home after a painful lose.

Blaw pitched well. Heard he made an adjustment to his location on the rubber, via Mud. Well, whatever it takes.
Nady got some playing time.
Bully looking sharp until trevor, but he needed the work.
Didn't loose any ground in the standings.

Roberts pinch ran in the ninth, but has a shoulder problem. Hmmmmm, hope that goes away soon. Maybe the guy should slide feet first.
Green FPHing in the ninth or tenth. Pop up, got the pitcher out of a jam, nice work Greeny, that and the 11th. I say fine guys for FPHing. $1000. Of course, if they hit a homer and win the game, then it’s a pat on the back. Fanspurgativee.
Blaw performance wasted by cold bats.

The rest of the West sucked last night too and we didn't loose any ground. So, strap it on boys and wakeup the bats. Where's Mark Grace for a slump buster when you need him.

Any volunteers?

Peavy going tonight coming off of a nasty virus. He'll weaken early, so the hitters got to earn their money and get him a lead.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Fast damned game until extra innings.

2. Could the Cleveland manager change pitchers any more often? jeebus, probably saw his entire bully one out at a time. Of course, Channel 4 loves it.

3. Can you miss a home run any closer then Klesko last night? Replay showed mere inches. Might have won the game. Damned heavy bay air.

4. Have not seen this but would like to: Homerun comparisons between the Q and the P.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Padre June Assessment

I'm no pro, just a fan who doesn't read stats, but here is my June assessment.

Leaving Spring Training no one could have predicted first place, up by three and half games with the best home record in the bigs.

But its June and its all true.

So how will it go from here?

I predict a closer race in the West then we are now seeing. Dogbones and the Snakes are good teams. The Padres are a little better but have to keep up the pressure.

Peavy is clearly the ace and a leader.
Eaton, finally living up to the hype and I really like his maturity this year.
Lawrence is a finesse pitcher who has to feel it. Streaky at best.
Wilson is a solid major league pitcher, gonna keep you in games.
May and Stratton are projects but can still keep the lid on a game.

Clearly Roberts means a lot to this team. He sets the table and adds pressure to the other team usually right off the bat in the first inning. He needs to stay healthy. Damien Jackson could sub for Roberts but doesn't have the maxi.

Giles, Klesko, Nevin are doing their jobs, hitting the baseball and seem to have adjusted to the line drive favoring Petco Park. The key to these guys is plate discipline and not swinging for the fences. You can drive the ball out there, but the cool San Diego Bay air is going to make it a can of corn. But line drives and the team speed of Roberts and Jackson will score you some runs. Its more entertaining for the fans as well.

Hernandez, Boroughs, Green, Jackson are good RBI men at the bottom of the lineup and none is a real hole, another plus for Bochy. When Loretta returns, it'll be an improvement but until he does, these guys can hold their own. Plate discipline again is the key to hitting at Petco. Boroughs has a great eye and so does Hernandez when he is patient. Jackson and Green do there part as well.

Very strong bullpen. Some have been off and on, but overall, Bochy should have no problem going to these guys anytime this year and Trevor is still a near lock in the ninth. This is a nice thing to have.

A good bench with Blum and Sweeney and Ojeida and the others. They all play well in the field and sweet swinging Sweeney is a witch pinch hitting. BTW, love Blum's swing. Compact, quick through the zone, with a good eye. That guy could be playing first string for a small market team. This bench is what’s going to get the Padres through the inevitable injuries that occur with older teams. Witness Jackson subbing for Loretta. There is a bit of fall off, but not enough to kill you. Credit Towers for this bench.

And don't forget Nady...shout out to follow Padre blog Scrib Ducksnort.

The strength of the San Diego Padres so far has been good pitching, great bully and learning to hit the line drive at Petco (plate discipline). I also give great credit to the bench and Bochy and his staff. It clearly a better team then last year with no real holes and no real superstars either. Lot of team balance. But the club house is a lot of fun too.

But, they have to keep up the pressure in the West by winning series, keeping the losing to one or two games, and extending the winning streaks. Clinches, sure true none the less true. There is no one guy that can carry this team like a Peojoles or a Jeter.

We are going to win when the pitching and hitting are insynchc, struggle (as with the Cubs-no hitting) when either goes cold. I wouldn't say this is a robust team. The Cardinals are robust, so are, apparently, the White Socks…who knew. So the Padres need a little luck and little daring.

But clearly, for the 2005 season, the National League West is the Padres to win or lose.

Tonight, its interleague play and the Indians.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Does Sandi Alomar still catch for the Indians...heh?
2. No game yesterday and I got a lot of work done around the house. Tonight, oh well.
3. Lawrence better have something tonight. The Pads don't hit well after a day off.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Ugly Weekend

Lost another series.
Lack of plate discipline.
Errors in the field.
The flu.
Peavy with pneumonia, down 8 pounds.
Dodgers gaining ground, 4.5 back.
The sun barely peaked out all weekend.
Five-day work week ahead.

Still in first place.
Still four game up on the second place Snakes.
Day off today to rest.
Another week on the home stand.
Giles still hitting.
No one is panicking yet.
No coverage of our winning record, but no coverage of out slid either. We just don't exist.
No game, I can get some work done around the house.
Still happily married.

Baseball, long and hard game. By the end of September you really know who the good teams are. It June so we have a ways to go.

Get some rest, Padres!

Padre Mike

Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday night against the cubs

Well, I missed yesterday, sorry about that. I was on a business trip to LA that ran very late.

Anyway, trying to blog during or after the game to be a little more up to date.

Last night, gees bats went cold, Cub pitcher hot. Not much more needs to be said.

Tonight, Eaton looks good holding so far into the 6 inning. But our bats remain cold. We where lucky to get that one run. Giles could have easitly been called out at the plate. It was a close play.

Well, 6 run uprising with Eaton hitting a triple. Nice.

1. Dusty Baker and that toothpick. Amazing. He can spin that thing long ways in his mouth. Now have tried this and nearly injured myself. I can spin it side ways, but not long ways. He is amazing.

2. Eaton needs a haircut.

More later.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Finally, a Lose

In a strange way, a lose is a relief. Now we can get back to playing baseball.

Let me be frank though, Lawrence seems to have one pitch, an 86 MPH slider that sometimes dips nicely, but lately doesn't do jack. Its probably mechanics and a little fatigue.

You could really see BLaw struggle. One pitch dipped nicely, batter swung an missed, but the next pitch missed and BLaw would be pissed.

I think good pitching is unconscious. When a pitcher is on, he;s thinking about the next pitch to attack the batter, not about release points. But I state the obvious.

BLaw seemed to be trying different release points all night long but to no avail.

It didn't help the our offense went to sleep. I didn't see much of the game so I don't know it there a FPHing, my personal pet peave.

Cubbies are in town, fun team to watch, lot o Cub fans in SD, should be fun.

Go Padres

Padre Mike


Memo to Mud and Maddy, easy big fellows. You nearly blew out my TV when Blum hit a "fly ball" to right in the ninth with bases stacked. First job of the announcer, describe the play, especially you, Mr. USC.

Petco IS a graveyard though. Ball go bye bye at Pac SBC Bell Park. Bring in the fences, Sandy.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Good Win…But Sloppy

Another win by another bench guy, Blum. This is getting to be a habit.

Speaking of habits, the Padres are playing lucky right now, and I think their habits are slipping. Good pitching, good hitting and a lot of luck are nice, but still have to play tight.

Yesterdays' game is a perfect example of luck. Bobbled balls by the Brew Crew first basemen, a poorly timed squeeze play, and a running error gave the Pads a win.

And how many times in the past twelve game did the Padres get extra outs?. A bunch, because we are playing mediocre teams.

But luck runs out and teams get better.

Last night both Giles and Klesko hacked at first pitches, made outs, and killed rallies. The team stranded a bunch of runners so what was probably a blow out, came down to the heroics of a bench player. Lucky again.

What happened to working the pitcher and the count? Seemed to work over the last month or so. Nevin (1000th hit) and Blum didn't FPH? I think FPH should be a new stat.

Tighten up guys, it’s a hard game. Like to see a nice tight game tonight. No FPHing.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike


1. When Klesko FPHed in the 2nd I called him a stupid coon. Not nice, but hey, I'm a fan. Then my 9 year old son asked what a coon was. Oops.
2. Jake was bound for a let down. He caught a lot of spotlight last week but he doesn't strike me a spotlight guy and I think it distracted him.
3. Bochy ought to use Trevor even in blowout games to finish from time to time. Trevor performs better with steady work.
4. Hammond must have thrown a dozen changeups in his two innings last night. That is becoming a popular pitch.
5. It occurred to me that very few Padres actually live in San Diego. I'm planning a future post on that.