Saturday, June 11, 2005

Beware: RANT_ON

I guess there is a reason why the Chicago White Sox are the number 1 team in baseball.

I guess the is a reason the Cardinals are the number one team in the NL.

And a reason the Snakes and Dogbones are winning.

They Hit the friggin little white ball and score runs!

"Really, you mean you hit the baseball and then the next guys hits the baseball, then the next and you score runs? Hmmmm, being a Padre player, I had not heard that before. Very interesting."

I tired, tired of good pitching and no hitting. Tired of good bullpen work and no hitting. Tired of switching the line up card all around and no hitting. Tired of watching channel 4 with no hitting. Tired of writing this blog with no hitting.

If they had lost that game last night by 6-5, I would be happy today because they started hitting again.

But folks, the bats are still cold. Where have you gone Mr. Hit, we miss you so.

Tonight's another opportunity to try and hit the little white ball.

Padres, get a hit!

Padre Mike

1. Enjoyed commenting with other fans (presumably) over at Ducksnorts during the game
2. A Giles home run does not an offense make.

3. I like Boroughs, but it looks like trade rumors and batting lead off are too much pressure for the kid. Plays better when he can hide at the bottom of the line up.

4. Where in hades is Dave Roberts? We need him badly.


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