Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Win Some, Lose Some

Playing catch-up on the last couple a games.

I have a few other blogs that take my time, one being a political blog and the politics of Iraq are heating up. Check it out here.

Nice to see the far bench coming through and winning games, re Sunday. Nice work Nady and Jackson.

Monday, on the other hand, the boys looked tired. Hey, could be the traffic. They hit nicely, and our boy Nady jacked another one, but rookie pitcher Stauffer didn't pitch well and made the lowly Dogbone offense look like the '32 Yankees, or was that the '26 Yankees.

But, Pads are still in first by three games. It'll be nice to have E, H, N, and L back for the second half. Still in first with a fifth of the team on the DL, not bad.

Now onto more important things. Since nobody asked, I'm gonna give you my list of the five things I hate in sports.

(I realize nobody reads my blog and who can blame them. Ducksnort and the other guys are pretty good. But I'll keep practicing, and if I can stick with it for a season or two with decent stuff, then I might seek more readers.)


The list:
1. Millionaire ballplayers whining about O bleak muscle strains. I know, I know, it probably hurts like hell when you take a dump but at least put a bandage on the thing, er, where ever it is. Remember Junior Seau, left arm dangling useless from a stringer, caked in mud and guts, out there anyway, waiting to pop some the running back who comes his way. OTOH, Nevin is hanging in dugout talking as if nothing is wrong. Christ, wrap a bandage around your O bleak muscle Phil, and put a little catsup on it; make it look like your hurt. Bunch o sissies.

2. Fighting in hockey. Well, this one is for the old timers who remember the sport of hockey. For you young ones, that was a sport played on ice skates, I kid you not, with sticks they used to whack a puck thingy into a nets. Hockey referees used to let the players fight and they all had missing teeth. They weren't sissies like ball players, but they were ugly. But that game is a part of history now, so my gripe is moot.

3. Basketball-of any kind. Could never play it, don't understand it, don't like the NBA, college is WAY over hyped, and plus its indoors. Best friend plays and loves it. He's good too. Got a great jump shot. But not me, all thumbs, so I hate it. Nice, mature response, no?

4. Baseball highlights- all the frigging same for 180 days plus playoffs. Guy gets a hit, a homer, or the pitcher strikes out a guy looking. Boring. Remember the old days when Cookie Chainsaw would just rattle off scores like this: (insert team name) beats....defeat...upsets...upends....BBQs...kills....murders...narrowly squeezes by...sneaks by...pulverizes...demolishes...drowns out...destroys...fries...keesters....(insert another team name). That is all you need. the scores.

5. Golf. Do these guys live in the real world? I realize hitting that while ball long distances into a little hole is tough. I gave up the game long ago, but these guys don't live in the real world. They fly into SD on their private jets, take their free rental cars to the free hotel suites at the Torrey Pines Hilton, spend fours days at a gussied-up county club on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, play a few rounds, dine (for free) at the finest places in town (Donavan's), play a few more rounds, collect a big check on Sunday for finishing 24th, fly back home to their mansion, repeat. Just once, I'd like to see a golf tournament in TJ, near the dump, so these guys could get a whiff of real life. Or maybe Tiger would like to come over to my Clairemont apartment sometime for a silver bullet and some tube time. Better leave the Rolls at home, Tiger. This hood can be tough.

Pads and Dogs again tonight.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Going to be hard to take Nady out of the lineup after hitting four homers in three days.

2. Sean, Sean, Sean...relax...use the force, go the other way, which is what you do best. Don't listen to anybody else. No one complains that Itchiro goes the other way. Hit for average. Its OK. ---the Spirit of TGwynn.

3. Dog Bone stadium is still a classy and classic ballpark. I'm so glad they haven't renamed it with something like Sony/Paramount Pictures Park or MGM field. Place still have some baseball class.

4. What I wouldn't do to listen to Vin call a game or two. Fourteen coat hangers strung together with foil? Stand on the roof with my transistor radio and beach chair. Now he is a class act.


At June 28, 2005 4:25 PM, Blogger Padre Mike said...

Pretty cute Padre Mike. Keep up the good work and feel free to throw in a spell check every now and then.


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