Wednesday, July 20, 2005

That Game Killed Me

LOB people, that is our problem Runners Left On Base.

7 LOBs last night. We can get them on, like in the first with bases loaded, but just can't get them over.

The problem is the four boppers in the middle, G, K, N, H. They are streaky hitters all.

In May at least three of them where going well lead by Giles who was superman. Since then, none has gotten hot and two have been on the DL.

These four guys are killing us right now and as we swing through the other teams in the NL, we are going to have a difficult time winning if these four idiots don't start hitting.

And I don't mean looking to ride the home run train in the top of the either down by 4 runs, I mean hitting they way you are supposed to, plate discipline, working counts, walking if need be, fouling balls off, making pitchers throw strikes.

Giles is the only one who does this.

So tonight we'll get another chance to show we deserve first in the NL West against Tom Glavine and the Mets.

Go Padres

Padre Mike

1. Do Nevin and Klesko feel good about the fact their contracts are killing the Padres? They make money but aren't hitting. Do they feel good about preventing the Padres from having the $$$ to resign Giles and Hernandez?

2. I hear that now that N and H are back, Towers should focus on pitching. WRONG! We pitch just fine with or without Eaton. We can't hit worth shit though. Towers needs a hitter, a line drive hitter. Finley comes to mind as an example.


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