Monday, July 25, 2005

Tough, tough, tough...Trading Nevin

Wow, Phil is really in a tough position. But Towers is making the right move, trade or bench. The Padres have to move on and find new leadership and a more productive bat to protect Klesko and Giles.

As I understand it from the papers, Phil can stay and ride the bench or move to Bal and be away from his family. Hmmm, not sure what I would do, but I like this approach to Phil. Either way, its Nady's time to shine.

So, what will the lineup be Tuesday again the Big Birds?


Not bad, Should be able to take the weak NL West with that lineup.

I really like the Jackson/Roberts lead off spot situation. Its obvious Roberts will break down, but Jackson is pretty good, so there isn't much drop off. Its interesting that although the two players are close in age, Dave looks so much older. Jackson, who is 31, looks 25, Dave, who is 33, looks 40.

I gotta believe Towers will not hold onto Ponson if Nevin decides to move on, but will in fact trade his 13 million contract to the Yanks. Ponson is a classic Yankee restoration case, high dollar, high maintenance, but high potential too.

Steinbrenner can't resist. Remember Strawberry?

But with Joe Torrey Pines and Randy's Johnson to provide guidance, Pondscum might improve.

Of course, they will have to watch his night life in NYC.

Either way, the Padres are trying and the national media has taken notice. It should be a fun week.

Enjoy the day off.

Padre Mike


1. I see Sandi Alderson behind this tricky approach to Nevin. We know Towers has been flummoxed as to how to move Nevin for years. Sandi simply says give him an offer he can't refuse. Is Sandi the Godfather? Padre a Dios?

2. I can't help but wonder how much the Petco Park financing led to some of the current troubles in City Hall.

3. I'm voting for the BK mayor, Shea I think it is. Take the medicine now, feel better later. Everyone else is just kidding themselves.


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