Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Win, Finally at Last a Win

Its baseball folks, even the worst teams win occasionally. And the Padres are far from being the worst team. Try the Rocks (34-66) or Devil Rays (36-66).

OTOH, at 51-50, the Pads would be in third or forth in any other division.

Is the batter's box half-empty or half-full? Depends if Klesko is batting or not. heh. Doesn't strike me as the smartest guy in the dugout.

But I kid, I joke.

Wow, in all that losing I forgot a few things:

First, in baseball, its the series win that counts and the Pads have another chance to take a series from the bigbirds in today's day-game. But Carpenter is a serious pitcher.

Damn, forgot the other thing I forgot, Oh well, getting old.

Anyway, Padres still had LOBs, made stupid plays-Giles, and committed an error. Gotta tighten that up. But our luck may have changed. LaRussa left his man out there one batter too many. LaRussa doesn't often make many mistakes, but you can bet the sports writers at the St. Louis Post Dispatch are calling that a mistake this morning (here). Actually, LaRussa said he was trying to get his pitcher a win. Nice guy.

Ah, now I remember the thing I forgot. This Padre team isn't all bad. In fact, its pretty decent. We have been snake bit more then anything lately but that game last night was a sign our luck has changed, I think.

Now you know why I stay away from gambling.

Go Padres, win the series!

Padre Mike

1. Even if Giles didn't leave early, he made it seem like he did. Jerry was completely flummoxed by that play. Ted said the team is starting to scare him as in here's Johnny time.

2. I guess you have to bring in Trevor sometime to get work in. He did well, even though he wasn't closing.

3. Office workers, don't forget Gameday, if you get internet access, for today's day-game.

4. Hey, Phil had no LOBs! I kid, I joke. In fact, I am playing tennis tonight. I'll throw up a few lobs for Phil.


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