Friday, August 12, 2005


Nasty, the collision between Beltran and Cameron, no?

Reading about it in the NYTimes sports page we discover the Cameron was an ex center fielder playing right and thus has a bit of an excuse for not backing off, but its Beltran's ball all the way.

Cameron got a busted nose and a busted cheek. Basically, a busted face. And apparently there was a lot of blood on the field. Yuk, who wants to play center with a pool of blood on the field.

But we won the game, a close game too and a great pitching performance by the Woodman, Trevor gets number 30, and Otska hits Floyd in the eighth. Floyd said it was on purpose, but I doubt that.

BTW, its always interesting to follow the ball after mishaps like that. It basically died a few feet from the downed players and the Met second baseman ran an got it, holding pinch-hitter Ross to a triple. I guess he could have come home because despite the wreckage in center field, the ball is still in play.

Tonight, its the Philli's and a little cheese steak revenge would be nice and we have just the guy to cook some up, Peavy.

Philli beat us like a red-headed step child on our trip back East, but I don't think they are that good and I know our hitting has finally come round.

Series win, series win.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Gameday and IGD at Dusksnorts is a good way to follow the game. All I need was some beer, but then again I need this gig, so I skipped the beer.

2. So Cameron goes to Mercy and Beltran gets Scripps Clinic in La Jolla (according to the NYTimes). Must be a contract thing.

3. 8 hits but only two runs. I see the LOB sneaking back into the offense.


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