Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Flu

Well, I have the flu which makes me cranky and I'm sore from laying around.

Its taken me a few days to get past the utter beating we took from the Phils at home. Thank Gawd we won't see them again.

And may I just say, to vent my spleen, go to hell Philidelphia, you'll be watching us from your couch at playoff time and you are a better team then we are, HA!

Ok, that particular type of crankiness has been known to accompany the flu.

So, I'm sick (did I mention that?) and one of the few joys of said condition is the opportunity to sit around and watch TV and luckily, the Padres were on.

Even more lucky, they actually won the damned game by hitting the baseball.

That win made me feel a little better.

Tonight, its the Woodman and against somebody.

Go Padres

Padre Mike

1. Is Joe Montana supposed to be a hitter because last night, he watched three inside fast balls go right past him. Oh, wait, he's a Padre now, of course he can't hit.

2. BTW, who the hell gets the flu in August. First time I've been this sick in a while.

3. Disneyland with the kids tomorrow for daughter's birthday. Ouch, that is expensive.


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