Monday, September 26, 2005

Chargers Win! (1-2)

Magic Number: 4
# for a winning season: 5
Games up on Giants: 4

Is there any reason I should spend time writing about the most frustrating of all Padre teams? So I won't.

The Chargers played great of offense, decent on the D-side, and won the game on ESPN last night. Hopefully we can take the Mo into a killer, month long road trip through NE, Pit, Oak, Phil.

Our defensive secondary looks porous and if Eli can pick them apart, what will Brady, Rothlesburger, and McNabe do? May not be pretty.

This team reminds me of the Fouts era Chargers; every game is a horse race to the final line.

Eli certainly got an ear-full last night. All the life-frustration of 62K fans descending down of that poor boy's head. He actually played really well I thought.

OK, a Little Padre Talk

Didn't see either game, spent all weekend doing maintenance around the rental, crappy renters. But I heard enough to make me even more frustrated then ever. I know, I know, its a hard game, but at least the guys could perform the fundamentals well and they don't even do that.

Face it folks, the Giants are a threat. They are bringing Snow, Bonds, Alou to Petco to show us how to and at 4 games back, they could turn this into a race again. And Frankly, its what the damned Padres deserve if they can't play a little better. Peavy can't do everything!

Go Padres, a win tonight will reduces the Magic number to 2.

Padre Mike


1. Parking at Horton Plaza or Convention Center. One is $8 one is $10. Getting out of the game, we will all be tired, better to park close. Fathers have to keep these logistical plans going all the time or face miserable consequences. Crying kids, cranky wives.

2. Going to the Field tonight. Good place for a beer and a veggie burger. Not to mention faux Irish pub.

3. Be prepared for the Petmall Park rant tomorrow.


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