Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Godzilla Attacks Tokyo

Or so it seems if Bonds returns to the Giants for the last 20 games.

First off, what an asshole Bonds is, to return for the last part of a long season while the rest of the team has struggled for 140 games. If Bonds had played all season, the Giants might be leading the NL West and above 500. And don't give me that knee crap.

What a jerk, but we knew that already. If I may be nasty, guess the steroids are out of his system now.

It looks like the Giants are the team making a run at the Padres. Giants have won six straight, beat up LA yesterday, and are merely five games back. And now Bond may return.

Godzilla attacks!

As Joe Morgan pointed out on the LA v. SF ESPN game, bonds won't play everyday, but can come off the bench and force opposing managers to deal with him. We have 7 important games with the Giants, and Barry has been a Padre killer for a long time.

Watch out Tokyo!

But look, Padre fan, we are in a race now and our record be damned. We have to win some keys games here. We have to play better in the field. Something like 7 errors in Milkconsin will not get the job done for the remaining 26 games. Our hitting is on the raise and that is a good sign. Lets hope the pitching can hold on.

As Flannery said after the suicide squeeze to win the game last Sunday, teams now have nothing to loose. Colorado, the AZ, and the Dodger have nothing to loose, especially Colorado. We have to play better, or this freaky year will end in disaster.

So, go Padres! Its on the line guys. This is what you play for, a month full of meaningful games, no?

Padre Mike

1. Check out Ducksnorts travel log to Stockton. Guy is a good writer and tells an interesting story complete with pictures. $3.19 a gallon, sheet.

2. Tough week or so ahead, three at home with the Rocks, then away at LA and SF. Nail biting time, Padre fan.

3. Even at 500, its fun to be in the race. Last year we chased the Dodgers (how the mighty have fallen) and this year we are being chased. What fun. Be glad you don't live in Kansas City or Tampa.

4. How bout that fire on Black Mountain. The smoke, the smell, reminded me of the Cedar Fire. Thank god the winds were not blowing and no one was hurt.

5. Joe Morgan was also suggesting that the best team in the NL play the worst team like they do in the NFL. Its a reward for the best team. Interesting point, but lets get their first.


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