Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More Lousy Ball

Lousy ball, Ugly ball, call it what you want, we lost, Giants look hot and we can't hit in the clutch with bases loaded with a pitcher on the rocks in the first damned inning. So what's new? We did score three runs, but a team capable hitting would have busted that pitcher wide open right there and then. Just ask BLaw.

And to add insult to injury, Bonds returned and nearly jacked one out on Eaton. Of course, he butchered a couple in left but he electrified a nearly catatonic Giant fan, energized a struggling Giant team, and gave ESPN at least 5 minutes of Barry time all at the expense of the sorry Padres.

Ok enough of that.

Since June, Padre Mike has tried to develop a ways of helping Padres fans to cope with the irony of being a crappy team in first place. We've tried wearing bags, or denial of the negatives or denial of the positives, accentuating the positives. None of these have worked.

So now I suggested we focused on something new to help us cope: finishing above 500. Currently, we are at 71-72, certainly not good enough. We have 19 games left. To get above 500 and shore up Padre fan's fragile psyche, the Pads have to win 11 games and lose 8. That is playing above 500 friends which we have not done since June.

We can only cross my fingers or rub your worry beads, or pray to your God, or rub your magic lamp, because we face a hot Gigantes, and the pesky Dogbones, and a tenacious Rockies. We have six with the AZ and the DC, where we might have a chance, but 13 are with teams we are having trouble with.

Is it possible that we might not win the NL West? Just asking.

If we do make the playoffs with a sub 500 record, will I curl up in the ball and whimper, no? But I might have to return to the bag.

Go Padres!


1. Watched the game with my 10 year old. Bonds comes up and I told my boy, as fathers are supposed to do, that Bonds is one of the greatest hitters of all time, then I mention he's also one of the biggest jerks too. Well, its true.

2. Three runs in the first from a pitcher who can not throw a strike is not enough. Bases loaded, twice. Whatever.

3. Sister called me from the game. At that time the Padres had the lead, so I bragged. This morning I have to call her and beg forgiveness.

4. Caught myself raging against Petco Park when compared to Pac SBC Bell Park last night to Ms. Padre Mike. Yes, dear. She's heard the rap before. Petco is a mall with a baseball field in the center. SBC Park, which I've been to several times thanks to my sister, is a cool, old style park right on the bay with a cool brick facade. Oh, and for some reason the front of SBC park faces a main street instead of a parking lot and rail yard, so that wehn you walk up, you see the front of the park. Gee, not sure why they did that. My wife, from NYC, has a theory. San Diego still has a small town architectural ideas and that's the kind of buildings we get. What a waste Petco is. Just another mall.

5. Gigantes-at first I thought they misspelled Giants on the jersey. I caught on after while, when Mud explained it. Hey, never claimed to be that bright.


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