Thursday, September 29, 2005

Padres NL West Champs, Oh Doctor!

Today's Quickies:

1. Love the Patrone Teqkillyou being passed around the locker room last night by Ficky, Except one thing Fickster, don't pour the stuff in the manager's eyes, unless you want to miss the playoff roster.

2. KT gave a shout out to former Padres who helped the team during the season then were traded. I thought this show a lot of class. He mentioned Darrel May, but he was obviously referring to Phil as well.

3. OK, OK, its a cliché to that gorgeous women attach themselves to rich dudes, but seeing the wives last night only added to the legend. Goddamned there were some hotties on the field. Its a boys game, but pretty much all those dudes are making millions.

4. Thought the Klesko interview was the best. He seemed a sincere type of dude and I'd never heard him talk before. Lets hope he closes some of the holes in his swing for the playoffs.

5. Pedro for President (stole that from Matty). Off the strap heap to be a home town hero. Only in baseball. I guess that change of scenery thing might be true, unless your name is Phil. Is there a more twitchy, wiggly, pitcher in baseball? No, but what ever it takes.

6. The morning guys and 1090 asked, where was Khalil Greene after the game? Good question. My daughter wanted to know too. Guess the guy doesn't like champagne in his eyes. Hey Greene, I have some goggles you can borrow. I guess to each his own.

Special Night for Dad

The game ended about 10:15, my son and daughter where already in bed, mom too. So I got the kids up in their PJs and we sat on the couch and watched a little Trevor Time together. My 10 year old boy is just starting to understand the game and my 12 year old daughter liked watching a bunch of crazy people squirt champagne on each other. Its was a father+daughter+son+Padre moment. Thanks, Padres.

Possible Winning Record

With four games remaining, we can still finish with a winning record by taking three. I think that is important to the guys, but they may let down because of fatigue. A winning record would be nice.


We will be playing the Bud Birds (barring a Philly miracle) and they are a little beat up with injuries. Its kinda like the Chargers and New England Sunday. We could win if we play a good game and get a little lucky. We'll have our best in Peavey and so will the Cardinals in Carpenter and that's what the playoffs are all about.


Padre Mike


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