Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Return of Ugly Ball

Eeck!!! That was terrible! They call themselves major league ball players? And don't give me, "well, they had a bad game," or "its a long season," or "who cares, we are still in first place."

Personally, I have a paper bag over my head while writing this post and IF we make it to the playoffs, I'm gonna continue to wear the bag because we don't deserve to be there!

Never before have I been ashamed to be a Padre fan, not during the roughest of seasons, not when we were the doormats of the NL. But this year is different. The combination of the way we play and being in first is horrible and I am ashamed. I want to make excuses to ESPN and the NL East. There are teams playing their hearts out, gamers, major leaguers, playing above 500 ball fighting for the Wildcard, while we play like a double A farm team after call ups. Its humiliating.

And I certainly don't want to be in the playoffs playing like we did last night.

Imagine being in the ATL in front of a national audience representing the National League West and throwing the ball into the dugout for a two base error, or taking strike three to end the game, or the base running errors and fielding errors, all it for the world to watch, confirming the suspicion that we suck. I don't want to be a trivia question 30 years from now as the only team to play like crap and make the payoffs, especially when there are at least a half dozen more worthy teams that will be playing golf in Oct.

What do I want? How bout a 500 fricking season!

The Padres need to have paper bag night if they continue to play like this. Its humiliating to be a fan and probably worse to be a player. But they can at least control the errors and mental lapses, no?

But the Padres will probably win the next two games as is their pattern lately. Screw up the first game, win the next two. Then I'll be happy again.

Call me Yoyo Mike if you like. This season is giving me whiplash.

Go Padres and please play like major leaguers, my God.

Yoyo Mike

1. When Greene came up, my first thought was he has to work a walk. A walk with bases loaded, two outs, and a wild pitcher is your best bet for a tying run. But Greene struck but looking. The rule is never take a pitch that is across the plate, which that pitch clearly was. Way outside, way inside, take. But anything close, foul it off. Hope Greene learns from that AB. Liked him better when he was being aggressive. And the mellow "what, me worry" image he cultivates isn't working, especially with the game in the balance.

2. Olivo plays like a rookie. What is his history? Might not be that smart either.

3. I hear complaining about the lack of fan support at games. 20k last night even with the Vista Little League team honored before the game. But hey, its ugly baseball man. Nobody attends a beauty pageant for ugly people. Beside, it was the Rocks. They be out for the Giants and Dogbones, but probably with bags on their heads.


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