Thursday, September 08, 2005

Roller Coaster Continues

Padres win 4-2 against the rocks in a fairy well-played game. At least it was watchable although again the Padres had a lot of LOBs.

So there is hope again, that maybe the boys will get hot again, maybe even a hot streak like we saw in May. Remember that? 20-6! That single month of success facilitated the entire season so far.

We've all been waiting for it. We've been teased with a couple a wins in a row, but nothing too hot. We have had a few cold runs like Mets, Phils road trip. Ouch! So every time the boys manage to win one, we think, "this could be it, the HOT Streak," only to be disappointed with an error-filled game the next day.

But, we did win and this could be the start of a hot streak, which would be nice to have during the next three in LA and three in SF.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Looking ahead to LA and SF, these are legit key games. Win most of them and the Padres have a boot-to-throat lead on the NL West. Loose them and its nail biting time, and the way this team plays in the clutch, I wouldn't bet on them if it the NL West goes to the last weekend.

2. Barry is returning, probably in time for SD next week. Well, it'll be fun watching him walk to first and try to steal a base. If I'm the manager, I do it on purpose to try to aggravate the knee and maybe see some bulging vains as he goes into roid rage. No, Padre Mike, that is not nice.

3. Carlos H returned last night. Well, I dunno. Is this guy an operator or what. Sees Olivo taking his spot and succeeding, so he comes back early. But went out for a "wrist Problem" because his agent told him to. Hmmmm, not sure I like this guy. But he sure has nice hair.


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