Monday, September 19, 2005

Seat of Your Pants

Two wins at the last possible moment. Thank you Green, thank you DC first basemen. Don't go home early on this team.

Well, now Padre baseball and the NBA have something in common. Nothing interesting happens until the last moments. Just tune in during the ninth and enjoy the fireworks! Only in baseball, folks, only in this strange season.

Magic number is 9. I'm going to the game next Monday. Could that be the night we clinch? It would be fun if it was a possibility.

Four with the Rocks in Denver, then the Az return to SD. I'm sure the boys are tired but they gotta keep playing. Baseball truly is a grind, no?

And what happened to the Chargers? I donnu, but I think they'll be OK, or not.

Well, as we get closer to the playoffs, I'll take a 500 club winning a crappy division anytime. This is fun! And who gives a rats ass what the rest of the country thinks.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike


1. Well the Phillies or fish better get their asses in gear if they want the Wildcard. The Houston Born Agains seem to be running away with it, which isn't good for us because it means playing the Bud Birds instead of the ATL.

2. Where should I park downtown for the game next Monday? We'll have the kids and plan on eating at the Irish pub downtown whose names escapes me, but its not the Blarney Stone. Ah, the Field.

3. Pedro pitched well yesterday, seven innings, and it looks like Park will go to the bully. So what did we get for Nevin? I guess we got...rid of the guy which is what KT really wanted.


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