Monday, October 03, 2005

Play Ball

Nice to be hearing that after the regular season ended yesterday. First game is Tuesday at 10 am San Diego time. Office workers, hit the GameDay and Ducksnorts IGD.

Klesko's Fault

I don't have the time to dig for the stats (you know write this log on the sly while my boss is in meetings), but I'm blaming our disastrous offensive year on Klesko/Nevin.

Here's my theory:

The Padres had plenty of men on base this year. Between Roberts and Loretta and even Giles, the base pads where not want for attention. Our BIG problem was driving them in. I would wager we were very close to leading the Majors in LOBs. Klesko/Nevin batted fourth or fifth all year and failed to get these base runners over and it got worse once Nevin left. The reason, its hard to hit a HR in Petco and that messes with your confidence. But Giles seemed to make the adjustment, and in fact, I heard him say that he purposely tried not to hit HRs because it was just tough hard to hit em out at Petmall. But Nevin and Klesko failed to make this adjustment. In fact, we still see Klesko trying to pull outside pitchers or wildly swinging at changeups in the POs.

So in the series with the Red Bird, Klesko is the key. We will get runners on, but Klesko has got to get them over. No pressure though, Mr. K. Ha ha ha. Mr. K.


We are the Cinderella story for this year, actually, probably more like the ugly duckling. We can turn into a beautiful swan because its baseball and anything can happen. My biggest fear is that we don't hit. And why should we start now? We have not hit well since May. You could argue that we hit better in September, but DC was the only team we played with a winning record, so, that don't count much. I can see peavy pitching a great game and allowing two runs and the Padres not scoring at all. But how do you change that?

We shall see.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike


1. You see the media and the neworks thinking that the Padres are going get killed, but red Bird fans are worried. They don't see the Pads as a threat but are worred about Red Bird injuries. I guess its all prespective. From where I sit, the Red Birds are a monster ball club.

2. It will be good to see Petmall park get some publicity. Maybe the pressure will force them to move the fences in.


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