Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Another Good Win

News Flash: Padres play good, solid baseball and win. Good pitching from that tall guy. Good hitting from everyone not named Mike including that tall pitcher guy. And good defense too.

Hell, even the manager managed well (as in no trips to the plate to talk to the ump).

Now, if we could just do that another 85 times this year, we might get somewhere.

Kidding aside, its fun to watch the boys play a good game. The Rockies kicked the ball around for three errors which always helps.

Two game win streak, smokin!

Savvy Col Fan
Did you catch Barfield's first home run, no I mean the Rocky fan who caught Barfield's first HR? Smooth operator, no? The guy wouldn't give the ball back, then offered it in trade for two other balls. Talk about balls. Not sure of the terms of the negotiations, but the cameras caught several game officials approaching the dude, then walking away, sans Josh Barfield's first home run ball. Finally, the Padre bullpen coach (I think) brought over two balls and exchanged for the Barfield ball. I'm guessing, actually speculating, they were autograph balls from....Hoffy, Piazza, Sledge.

That guy must be tough on used car dealers, no?

Denver Post...

Funny, in the DP this morning, the Rockies game is buried behind the Avs, Nuggets, Duke rape story, and a Skiing accident. Talk about no respect. The big concern in Denver is the inability of the Rocks to play well at home, while tearing it up on the road. Funny, Padres have that same concern.

Go Padres

Padre Mike

1. Piazza is a stud. Not sure if his bat has slowed but he can still wave the stick. Its just making contact with a ball that's a problem for him right now. I was surprised how well he moved behind the plate. The Tall Guy through a coupla crazy pitches and Mike blocked them well. Of course, a coupla others got past him.

2. The Tall Guy reminds me of Randy Johnson a little, at least in size and body type. The tall guy seems a bit of a short arm pitcher though. We got him from Texas I think. Seems like a nice pickup.

3. Coors Field didn't play like Coors Field last night. 5-2 isn't a mile high-type score. Not sure what the weather is like in Denver, maybe the wind was blowing in. Just a note to The Tall Guy (and I'm sure other Padres have told him this), you got lucky with the weather, kid. Mostly, pitching on Coors in a nightmare.

Training Notes:
1. Did fast eight-miler yesterday and felt good the whole way. Those are the kind of training runs that keep you going. Got a six-miler planned for today, then a little weight lifting.

2. Looking at tri bikes last night. Hell, I'm I really going to spend $1400 on a bicycle? Plus the rest of the gear? And that's getting off cheap. Crazy mid-life crisis.


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