Friday, April 21, 2006

Bullpen Blows Up

Wow, tight game until the eighth when the bullpen, specifically Scotty Linbrink then Embry, blew up allowing the Mets 6 runs including a two-run bomb to the oldest guy in baseball.
Shit, that sucks.

New York Times (Web edition)
And of course, crack the NYT web edition this morning and what's on the front page, a picture of this 47 year old man hitting a home run against the Padres. Christ, isn't Karl Rove, Iraq, Amin shakeup a more worthy news story? New York teams always seem to humiliate us. Think 1998 World Series.

Bochy the Meddler
Here comes a rant about Bochy sticking his finger a tight, mano a mano, game. He's like the dad who can't just let his son play the game or Hemingway's Old Man of the Sea cutting the line. He's a fricking meddler with no feel for game dynamics. And he hides his incompetence behind "playing the percentages." Sure, he runs a professional club house. Guys like playing for him because he is even keeled. But he has shown again and again that when the game is on the line, he has to stick his nose in. Let em play, Bochy. Stay out of it.

Moving On
Ok, tonight's another game, another chance to beat the current best team in baseball. They are tough, and if you blink, they'll step on your throat like last night. But we've shown we can play tough too as the first 7 and a half innings last night proved. Lets regroup and get em tonight!

Good Padres

Padre Mike

1. Boy, laying around all night and watching a game is gonna make me fatter then I already am. Gonna have to break out the transistor radio and get some work done around the house while listening to the game, although I can't stand Ted these days.

2. Peavy once again proved he's the real deal. Battled for seven innings giving up only one run against a strong team. What I saw last night was Peavy's ability to bare down when the going got a little rough. Nice ability to have.

3. Admit to turning off the game after the Linebrink blowup. That is about the time I get the kids to bed and I could tell the winds had left the sails. Not sure if Giles should have caught the ball. The picture of the play in the paper looks very awkward, like the yoga pose I was attempting yesterday.


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