Wednesday, April 26, 2006

No Offense Intended

Last night, the Padre offense hit (thats the wrong word when talking Padre offense), a new low. Blanked by Cluadio Vargas of the Diamondbacks while Peavy struggled. I can't help to wonder what a few runs would have done for Peavy.

Quote from the Union/Trib
"Look no further than a feeble offense, assuming you can find it at Petco. In the 11 home games, the Padres have been outscored 67-32 and outbatted .283 to .218 while compiling the NL's worst home on-base and slugging percentages."

We are also 3-8 at home, the second worst home record in the bigs just ahead of the lowly (they didn't used to be) Marlins.

Pitching - good
Bullpen - good
Defense - second in the NL (was first before last night)
Offense-what's that? Oh, you mean that wooden thingy in my hand, oh and what are we supposed to do with that?

I'm I bugging you? I don't mean to bug ya, play the blues Edge.

Go Padres (to the next town or another state, please)!

Bitter, Padre Mike

1. Deal with it, Padre fan. The Padres are a bad team that can't hit. They haven't hit since they moved to Petco. Its a bad park.

2. Proof: Phil went 3-4 last night in Oak. Nady was 1-4 with a HR. What would Giles and Cameron have done on other teams playing in other parks?

3. Petco is the opposite of Coors, and must have a greater amount of gravity or something. What Coors is to pitching, Petco is to htting.

4. Until the Padres sustain an offense for a coupla months, I'm convinced that Petco is a cursed field.


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