Monday, April 24, 2006

Split with the Mets

When the Mets showed up, I said a split would be "acceptable" but after watching the Mets, I'm thrilled to have a split and even more thrilled that we don't see those guys until August. They are tough team with a murderer's row and good pitching, defense and a bullpen to boot. See what money can buy?

Cameron Back
Mike returned to the lineup and center field or to put it more accurately, he made is debute Sunday. Did ok at the plate and looked decent in center. Give this guy at least a few weeks to get into the goove and then we can judge how much he helps the team. Not sure what roster move the Padres made to activate Cameron, but it had to be done. Mike has the potential to help Giles and the other Mike see better pitches.

We climbed out the basement with yesterday's win, ahead of Az by half a game at 8-10. In my opinion this Padre team is pretty good and should be playing a little better then 500. So our next goal should be to climb out the hole from the poor start and get to 500. The next three games with Az could help us do that.

So, Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Guess a Mets announcer, Kieth Hernandez, was making fun of a girl in the Padre dugout who happened to much favored massage therapist that all the guys swear buy. I guess Kieth is old school. Can't be touched by a women with getting an erection.

2. Didn't see much of the game, Ran in the La Jolla Half yesterday then had family time. Sometimes you gotta take one for the team.

3. Did catch ESPN last night and there were two stories that included the Padres. Berman featured the Pedro Martinez domination and the Oldest Man to hit a digger stories. At least they didn't say, San Diego California as if the country didn't know where SD was. Hate when they do that.

4. Might go to the game tonight as part of safety patrol night. My kid does it. If so, I'll take some pictures from the right-field bleachers, high up, which is were they usually put us.


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