Thursday, May 04, 2006

Padres Beat LA

Another offensive night and I mean that in a good way as the Padres beat the Dodgers at Chavez Revine 10-5 behind good pitching from Young (cold thumb and all), decent bullpen work, and great hitting that included three home runs (Barfield, Blum, Bellhorn).

Wasn't Too Pleased
I was a little worried in the 4th and 5th inning when the Padres loaded the bases but managed to get out of the 4th with nothing and the 5th with a single run. I thought it was a return to the old ways and the Petco Curse. But the boys broke loose in the 7th and began plating runs in bunches.

Bochy, Let Em Pitch
Bochy took Young out in the sixth inning with two outs, the old 6 2/3 innings in the box score. I hate when a manager does that unless the pitcher is injured. It basically tells the pitcher that whenever he is in trouble the manager is going to save his bacon. I say, let pitchers pitch their way out of an inning and out of trouble. If a pitcher knows Bochy isn't coming with the hook, then the pitcher has to bare down or cough up runs. Chris certainly had one more out in his arm.

What Happened to the Dodgers?
I see the Dodgers have Grady Little as a manager. He's an older gentlemen with greying hair. Seeing him in the dugout last night reminded me of what the Dodgers used to be, a stories, traditional franchise that played good baseball and had a great farm system. Tommy Losortta, the O'Malley family, Vin Scully, Orel, Gibby, Garvey, Murrey, remember them? Now its all changed. The only thing left is the classic Chavez Revine and Dodger blue. Boy, how things have really changed up there.

Break Out the Brooms
Love these two game sets, its easy to get a sweep. The Pad and Dodge go at it again tonight.
Preview here.

Go Padres

Padre Mike


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